People with disabilities frequently require help and support with everyday activities. This essential and practical support is provided by excellent front-line charities and organisations. 

In addition, beyond our everyday life, we all need aspirations and we all seek opportunities that can give us a sense of achievement and self- worth.  This is what the DiveheartUK will provide. 

Why SCUBA diving for people with disabilities and their carers? Because it is an aspirational activity. It represent adventure, courage and skill, and it can be undertaken by people disabilities with the help of trained dive buddies and instructors. It also provides positive physical and mental benefits. It will enable those with disabilities to become part of a group of like minded individuals who can share their unique underwater adventures on an equal level. 

DiveheartUK will seek to provide these opportunities through its SCUBA diving programmes, aimed specifically at not only people with disabilities but also their carers. 

DiveheartUK is run by divers who wish to share their passion for the sport of scuba diving with their disabled peers. 

DiveheartUK mission is based upon a holistic approach to supporting people with disabilities – “making the impossible – possible”

Charity number 1149182